Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

We provide expert advice on Enduring Powers of Attorney, Lasting Powers of Attorney or the appointment of a Deputy and Statutory Wills. Although it is no longer possible to make a new Enduring Power of Attorney, we are able to advise on existing Enduring Powers of Attorney and the need to register these if appropriate.

We prepare and register Lasting Powers of Attorney. These powers of attorney enable you to appoint people of your choice to manage your property and affairs or personal welfare. These powers have the advantage that once made they would continue even if you became incapable of managing your affairs or welfare.

In cases where a person has already become incapable of managing their affairs and has not made the appropriate power of attorney we are able to advise and make the application for the appointment of a Deputy to act on behalf of that person to manage their affairs.

If you would like an appointment for advice about any of these matters please telephone 01424 721234 and ask for Aileen Francis Solicitor TEP