Wills and Probate



Have you registered your Will? 
We can now register your Will for you and if it was written with us prior to 9th March 2009 it’s FREE! After this date there may be a small registration charge.
Why should I register my Will?

If your Will is deemed lost or indeed never written your loved ones and benefactors are exposed to potential financial loss and obviously additional stress.
We hold your Will safely, but we digitally record its location on the Wills register so that benefactors can always locate it when the time comes.
It is a fact that the majority of people (67% in a recent survey) would not know where to locate parents Wills. The passage of time, house moves, and new relationships are all contributing factors to this statistic.
How do I register?
Simply call, write or click on the contact us form to request that we register your Will today!