New Government Guidance From 19th July 2021

We have conducted a risk assessment:-


There is a risk of transmission of the virus from individuals coming into our office such as clients, employees, partners workmen/ contractors, delivery companies and we have translated the government guidance into specific actions that relate to the size of our firm and to our clients.

We have set out a framework that may be updated from time to time as the government updates it’s guidance:-

Framework for coming to the office
You should not attend our office if you have symptoms such as a high temperature or a persistent dry cough or have to self -isolate because you have had recent contact with a person with such symptoms of COVID-19

We recognise that some of our clients may be extremely vulnerable, if so, please inform a partner in the firm, to let us know, so that appropriate safeguarding may be arranged for your safety when visiting us.

We know we do have some vulnerable clients who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and the measures we have put in place combined with everyone’s extra care in observing social distancing should help those people to continue to deal with our firm and new clients to approach our firm so we may help them in the matters they need us to do for them. e.g making a Will

We all wash our hands for 20 seconds with soap and water when we arrive at the office and on returning to the office e.g if we have gone outside at lunchtime or gone out of the office for any other reason.

So as to avoid transmission and contamination we do not hot desk. We stagger arrival and departure times at work to reduce crowding in and out of the workplace and to enable people to travel at less crowded times. We also stagger break times.

Each employee/partner has the sole use of their own reasonably sized office, which may be well ventilated by opening a window.

Each partner’s /employee’s office equipment and items are for the sole use of the person in that office and are not be used by anyone else.

Our reception has an office area on its own with a glass window screen to be kept shut, it is easy to speak to the receptionist through the glass. The remainder of the reception area, where clients wait to be seen, is a very large area and if clients attend the office e.g to sign a Will we are able to easily comply with the government social distancing measures and stay two metres apart from each other and our employees and partners.

We are open our usual hours and you may visit us at our office. However, if you do visit our office, you will be able to wear a protective face mask of if you wish (this is no longer legally required by government guidance encourages continued use of face masks indoors where possible). Most matters may be dealt with by post, email, telephone or other digital means. We do visit clients at home e.g regarding witnessing a Will and are able to follow the government guidance by meeting in e.g your garden if its fine weather.

Each employee/partner in the firm has their own office reducing the risk of transmission. Dettol wipes and sanitising gel or equivalent are used regularly throughout the office to clean door handles, staircase bannisters and surfaces. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is available should you need to use it.

We hold meetings in large well-ventilated rooms and avoid sharing pens and other office equipment with each other so as to avoid transmission during meetings.

Schedules for essential services and contractors have been arranged to reduce interaction and overlap between people e.g these may be done outside office hours, in the evening.

However, we want to make you aware that we are continuing to deal with residential conveyancing, buying and selling flats and houses and following the COVID-19 government guidance.

For more detailed advice on how to move house taking account of the current COVID-19 situation or any other matter we deal with please do not hesitate to contact either Aileen Francis, Solicitor and Partner in the firm or Victoria Doyle Chartered Legal Executive who specialises in residential conveyancing. Telephone :- (01424) 721234