If a person you care about has lost their capacity you may need to apply to the Court for an Order to be appointed as their ‘Deputy’ to manage their property and finances.

If it is desirable it is also possible for a lawyer to be appointed as Deputy to manage the affairs of someone who has lost capacity. The lawyers in this firm are able to act as Deputies if required.

We are also able to act on behalf of any proposed ‘Deputy’ to deal with all matters in connection with their making an Application to the Court for such an Order.

If you were appointed as a Deputy for property and finance your role would be to manage and use the money and assets of the person who has lost capacity in a way that is in their best interests. This is more than just paying their bills as it includes spending on activities or items that will improve the person’s quality of life.

It is also possible to be appointed Deputy for the personal welfare of a person who lacks capacity as well.

In cases where a person has already become incapable of managing their affairs and has not made the appropriate power of attorney, we are able to advise and make the application to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a Deputy to act on behalf of that person to manage their affairs.